About Us

"My family's standard for food that I grew up with is what this company is about — authenticity, flavor, and connection."

- Tory Pratt, Founder

Since 2014, we have built our cocktail syrup company around authenticity and flavor. All of our syrups are carefully developed and hand-crafted — from peeling ginger to labeling each bottle ourselves.

We originally chose the name TRUE Syrups & Garnishes to convey the premium quality of our pre-Prohibition-style syrups. Over time, however, we realized that this name did not fully reflect our values. What we really want is for people to create connections with others by sharing a cocktail.

Today, we are Pratt Standard Cocktail Company. We continue to strive to make syrups that not only reflect our passion and dedication to our craft, but also elevate your cocktail drinking experience. Along the way, we try to educate our customers about cocktail-craft through hands-on classes and online recipes. Ultimately, we strive to equip and inspire home bartenders to share the joy of cocktailing.