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After opening a bottle, how long does it last?

Once opened, our syrups last 6-12 months in the fridge.

How many drinks are in a bottle?

Each bottle makes between 16 and 64 drinks, depending on how you use it and which product it is. For example, if you use our Rich Simple Syrup to make Old Fashioneds, it will make 64 Old Fashioneds. If you use our Ginger Syrup to make Moscow Mules, you should get about 21 drinks out of a bottle. If you use our Tonic Syrup to make Gin & Tonics, you’ll get 16 drinks out of a bottle using our recipe.

I opened a bottle and accidentally left it out of the fridge. Is it still good?

If you leave it out overnight and it smells fine and looks fine, stick it in the fridge and it should still last a long time. If you left it out longer than overnight, we suggest you toss it and purchase a new bottle.

My bottle arrived broken/damaged. Do you replace bottles?

We’re sorry about that. Sometimes shippers seem to play football with our bottles. Please fill out this form and we’ll ship you a replacement free of charge.

I purchased a bottle but when I got home it’s past its expiration date. Is it still drinkable?

Please email a photo of the bottle, where you bought the bottle from, the receipt for your purchase, and an address for replacing it, and we’ll ship you a replacement free of charge.

My Kola Syrup isn’t mixing easily. Is there a way to fix that?

Our Kola Syrup is made authentically, and we make it double-concentrated so our customers get the most out of every bottle. Try mixing the syrup together with the liquor first, and then adding the seltzer, and you should be good to go.

Your Tonic Syrup doesn't taste like tonic.

We take pride in the fact that we make tonic the way it used to be made, with spices that were used in British India, where the G&T was born. Our tonic isn’t as bitter as modern tonic since we make it with cinchona bark, and has a lot more flavor, with botanicals designed to emphasize the botanicals in your craft gin. If you’re looking for standard, modern tonic, we suggest you don’t buy our syrups. If you’re curious about a better way to drink G&Ts, the original way, then consider our tonic syrup.

Do you teach cocktail classes for private events, team-building, and parties?

Yes, we do. Please feel free to reach out to

Curious about something else?

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